Lil' Orbits Uni-Matic II Automatic Pancake and Crepe Machine - Greaseless, Oil-less and Trans Fat Free Cooking!

With the Uni-Matic II, you don't need oil or grease to cook foods!

Join the trend towards greaseless cooking. Oil or grease have always been required to prepare foods like pancakes, crepes, french toast and omelets... foods that, until now, needed to be "swimming" in fats or oils to cook properly. No longer! The Uni-Matic II completely eliminates the need to use fat, oil or grease in the cooking process!
With Uni-Matic II, you can offer your customers healthier food choices. You can present food items that deliver outstanding taste, texture and appearance while not adding the calories or health risks that usually come with traditional fat-based cooking.
Making pancakes is easier than ever with Lil' Orbits' greaseless trans fat free pancake machine!
By turning a few easy dials, you can make money selling trans fat free pancakes and crepes cooked on Lil' Orbits greaseless pancake and crepe machine!

Making crepes is easier than ever with Lil' Orbits' greaseless trans fat free crepe machine!
The Uni-Matic II's cooking process is simple: Temperature-resistant belts move food items over heated plates. Automatic controls produce high quality cooking results.
To make pancakes or crepes, pour batter into the Uni-Matic II dispenser. Control settings regulate the amount of batter and the size of the pancake or crepe. Cooking time is adjusted accordingly. Pancakes cook on both sides, crepes are cooked on one side. Crepe fillings can be added during cooking and automatically wrapped into the crepe. Finished food items are deposited into a receiving tray.
The Uni-Matic II is fascinating to watch during the cooking process. It can be operated behind-the-scenes or in full public view and brings in outstanding profit. The action and aroma does all the selling for you.

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